Our Consulting Services
Information Technology Consulting

Provide advice on how to best use technology to enhance a partner’s business. Designing unique software for a company, assisting a firm-wide transition from On-Primessis to the Cloud and testing the efficiency of current devices and programs within the business. Help organizations to make better data-driven decisions using business intelligence, data analytics, data mining, data visualization, and data tools.

Our Training Services
Instructor-led Training

The traditional type of training that occurs in a classroom, with a teacher presenting the material. This can be a highly effective method of training, especially for complex topics. Instructors can answer specific questions or direct them to further resources. They also allow for highly-skilled instructors to match the training level and style to the students in the room.


eLearning relies on online videos, tests, and courses to deliver employee training. Employees can do their training right in the palm of their hand with a smartphone or on their company computers. It’s one of the easiest types of employee training to roll out to larger populations, especially for employees who are remote or have high-turnover rates. With interactive games, tests, videos, activities, or even gamified components, it can also go a long way towards keeping your employees engaged with the training.

Live Online Training

Classes that are live online, sometimes referred to as synchronous events, take place in a live virtual meeting room (Zoom or Teams). Here the teacher or course instructor and the students come together to learn. They can communicate with each other using video, voice, and whiteboards. To take part in live online training, everyone needs to be online at the same set time.

Hands-on Training

Hands-on training includes any experiential training that’s focused on the individual needs. It’s conducted directly on the job and can help employees fit perfectly into their upcoming or current role, while enhancing their current skills. A custom training program meets the specific business needs of an organization with one-of-a-kind training content. An effective custom training program has targeted learning objectives and a clear plan for how the program will be structured and delivered to meet learning goals.

Self-paced Learning

Standard online courses are delivered asynchronously. The student is free to do the learning at their own pace (self-paced learning) and there is no real-time tutor. All of the course content (lessons, tutorials, quizzes and tests, pre-recorded lectures on video, assignments, and any homework) is accessible by students at any point during the course.

Coaching or Mentoring

Coaching or mentoring can share similar qualities to hands-on training, but in this type of training, the focus is on the relationship between a student and a more experienced professional, such as a coach, or a mentor. The one-on-one mentoring style creates a relationship between students that carries far beyond training. It also allows the student to ask questions they may not feel comfortable asking in a classroom, instructor-led training. This training method can be done in person or virtually, through online sessions.

Our Courses
1. Computer Programming

Discover the art of computer programming and learn what code can do. Give yourself an edge in the workplace and learn the basics of computer programming.

2. Data Management

Go above and beyond. Boost your value and become a top-level business analyst leveraging both technical and strategic data skills.

3. Cloud Computing

Create a successful cloud strategy and give your team the skills they need to tackle modern cloud roles, with broad and deep skills coverage in Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and more.

4. Project Management

Become a skilled professional, with excellent career opportunities following graduation. Learn how to start, plan, and execute a project using agile project management approaches.

5. Photography

Learn how to use your digital camera more effectively, how to take control of your camera and move away from Auto, enabling you to create stunning pictures to get the very best from the latest camera technology.

6. Web Designing

Gain the expert level knowledge of web designing to start a rewarding career. Learn responsive web design, user experience design, HTML, JavaScript and more to build your skills and advance your career.

Success Stories

Luis has been an important element in the evolution of Tech Skills of the companies I represent.

The training solutions provided by him are always taylor made and address my company needs completely. Regarding the consultancy services, we have evolved internal procedures and our working methods substantially just by following his advises.

Luis is the kind of professional that I like to keep near and I believe that brings value to my organization

- Fernando Alves
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30 Years of Experience

For more than 30 years, the world of technology is my home and I did not regret a single day that I choose this profession.

Team Of Experts

Better people get better results. We are a motivated team, capable of leading and overcoming the most adverse obstacles.

100+ Courses

Choose from 100+ courses with new additions published every month. Find the right track for you and build your career.

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Genius SQL and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) expert!

Rob Silver Lead Enterprise Consultant

A person endowed with a vast knowledge in his area, responsible and very organized. He never defeats himself under any circumstances, always winning the challenges he undertakes.

Alvaro Pola System Administrator

Luis has been an important element in the evolution of Tech Skills of the companies I represent. Is the kind of professional that I like to keep near and I believe that brings value to my organization.

Fernando Alves Partner at BlueIP

A dedicated professional who is constantly updated.

Luis Garcia Trainer, Speaker & Author

Luís is an excellent professional, with an excellent capacity to establish good interpersonal relationships and is highly committed to the efficiency and effectiveness technology.

Nuno Árias Silva Solutions Architect Manager