1 – THE COMPUTER DUDE sleeps. It may sound like a lie, but THE COMPUTER DUDE needs to sleep and rest like anyone else. Forget he has a cell phone and a phone at home; just call the office or cell phone between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm (morning) or between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm (afternoon) from Monday to Friday. THE COMPUTER DUDE also needs to rest on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and ON DAYS YOU HAVE INDICATED HOLIDAYS.

2 – THE COMPUTER DUDE eats. It seems unbelievable but it's true. THE COMPUTER DUDE also needs to eat and he has hours for that, EVERY DAY.

3 – THE COMPUTER DUDE can have a family. This is the most amazing of all. Even being a COMPUTER DUDE, he needs to rest on the weekend to be able to pay attention to family, friends and himself, without thinking or talking about computers, taxes, forms, repairs and demonstrations, maintenance, viruses and so on.

4 – THE COMPUTER DUDE, like any citizen, needs money. You didn't expect this one, ah? It's surprising, but THE COMPUTER DUDE also pays taxes, buys food, needs fuel, clothes and shoes, and consumes xanax to relax. Don't ask for what you can't pay the COMPUTER DUDE for.

5 – Reading and studying is also work. And serious work. You can stop laughing. It's not a joke. When a COMPUTER DUDE is focused on a book or specialized publication he is improving as a professional, therefore, working.

6 – Once and for all, it's worth emphasizing: THE COMPUTER DUDE is not psychic, he doesn't make tarot cards and he doesn't even have a crystal ball to guess what other people think or do. If you thought it was like that, fire him and hire a PARANORMAL, a WIZARD or a DETECTIVE. He needs to analyze, plan, organize and be explained IN DETAIL what is intended to be able to do a good job, whatever the size. Deadlines are essential and not a luxury. If you want a miracle, pray hard, fast, and leave poor COMPUTER DUDE alone.

7 – At meetings of friends or family parties, THE COMPUTER GUY ceases to be THE COMPUTER GUY and resumes his role as a friend or relative, exactly as it was before he entered this profession. Don't ask him for advice or tips. He is also entitled to enjoy himself.

8 – There is not just a 'little listing', a 'little routine', nor a 'little text', a 'very easy little program to control this and that', a 'little problem that the machine does not turn on', a 'little system', a 'quick visit (by the way, they tell where we left and until we arrived)'. So, forget about the little ones and the little ones (little program, text, little visit) ', because the COMPUTER DUDES don't solve this type of problem. Listings, routines and programs are the result of careful analysis and require attention, dedication. Planning, organizing, programming with concentration and dedication may seem inconceivable to a good part of the population, but it serves to make the life of GAJO DA INFORMÁTICA more bearable.

9 – As for the use of the cell phone: the cell phone is a work tool. Please call only when necessary. Outside office hours, even if you still doubt it, THE COMPUTER DUDE may be doing some of the things you didn't even think he was doing, like sleeping or dating, for example.

10 – Asking the same thing over and over doesn't make THE COMPUTER DUDE work faster. Request. Afterwards, wait for the deadline given by the COMPUTER DUDE.

11 – When the working hours in the morning go until 13:00, it does not mean that you can call at 12:58 hours. If you only remembered the COMPUTER DUDE at this time, bad luck, wait and call after lunch time (remember item 2?). The same goes for the afternoon: call the next day.

12 – When THE COMPUTER DUDE is presenting a project, please don't be bombarding him with thousands of questions during the meeting. This takes away your concentration, in addition to killing your patience. ATTENTION: Avoid questions unrelated to the project, such as "How much did your laptop cost?" or "What do you think I should buy my child to play at home, a laptop or a desktop?"

13 – THE COMPUTER DUDE does not invent problems, does not automatically update pirated Windows, is not related to viruses, in short, IS NOT GUILTY FOR THE MISUSE OF EQUIPMENT, INTERNET AND RELATED EQUIPMENT. Do not complain! THE COMPUTER DUDE certainly did his best and within the current legislation for you to pay less. If you want to make upgrades for free, install cool little programs, etc., do it, but first fire THE COMPUTER DUDE and hire a PURCHER.

14 – THE COMPUTER DUDES are not the creators of the sayings "cheap is expensive" and "those who pay badly pay double". But they agree.

15 – Computing refers to computers (HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE and very rarely, both at the same time), and not TV's, mobile phones and appliances, etc. Therefore, THE COMPUTER DUDE will not teach you how to use your cell phone, repair your TV, etc.

16 – There are several types of COMPUTER DUDES and each one has its specialization. If you break a leg, you don't go to the optician, do you? So, if the COMPUTER DUDE is an expert in software and programming, he may not be very comfortable about HARDWARE or NETWORKS and vice versa to do a quality job, so don't ask him to do jobs he is not an expert by saying "you can do it do, why call someone else if you're really good at IT"

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